Vacant Land Sellers – Don’t Make These Mistakes

When Considering Selling Vacant Land – Please Don’t Make These Mistakes

Parcel Sells Quickly – sometimes vacant land sells and the seller and the sellers’ agent brag that it sold in just three weeks.

Is that really a win?  Did the sellers get all the money?  Maybe, the parcel was priced to low?

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Over Pricing the Parcel – Realtors in the know, see lots of sellers with visions of grandeur – thinking their parcel is way more valuable than it is.  Over pricing can scare serious buyers away from making a lower (than the asking price) offer or a more reasonable offer.

Under Valuing the Parcel – No seller wants to do this but, yes, it happens.  Get a complete list of all vacant land parcel sold by clicking here.

Not Hiring an Experienced and Local Realtor – well, that sounds obvious doesn’t it? Yes it does! But, repeatedly, we see vacant land sellers using out of town Realtors who don’t understand “local” values.  And, we see sellers listing with Realtors that don’t hunt or “recreate” on vacant land.  Most Vacant Land buyers want to talk to a local Realtor who can answer all their questions analytically and with local knowledge.  And, most buyers of vacant land are hunters or at least folks who spent time outside riding an ATV or snowmobile, cutting wood or doing other outdoor recreating.

There are few other mistakes vacant land sellers sometimes make so, for a more complete list and for more information on how to avoid these parels and pitfalls …

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But, most importantly, to help be sure you get “all the money” while at the same time not scaring away qualified buyers, please click here for a custom written “Vacant Land” sellers’ guide.

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